How can there be an oil shortage when America has been and is exporting oil? If you don’t believe me, just ask Rush Limbaugh on WEIB.

Back in 1973, we experienced the so-called “oil embargo.” My wife’s cousin, who was a Marine Maritime graduate, told her that when he captained an oil tanker during that period he saw countless tankers hovering in the waters off the coast of New England all being ordered to stay out.

What shocked me the most was to see and hear our president tell the American public that there was nothing he could do about the price of oil/gasoline.

As a retired veteran, I get disgusted when I hear politicians beat the war drums about the Iran threat and closing the Strait of Hormuz. When it comes to Iranian oil, it’s no big deal since Saudi Arabia already has ramped up its production to compensate for any lack of Iranian oil.

Occupy Wall Street has it right; the only thing wrong was their lack of solidarity.

When the president of this wonderful country cannot stop Wall Street and spectulators from strangling the working people who need gas to go to work, then perhaps it’s time to surrender to the fat cats on Wall Street.

Frank Slason


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