I’ve been wondering about the intelligence of drivers these days. When we first study to get our license, we learn to read signs that direct us, to use caution, to stop us and tell us not park somewhere.

Oh, yes, that dreaded “No Parking” area. It’s painted in yellow on the asphalt with diagonal lines and reads “Fire Lane, No Parking.”

Most commonly seen in front of a store, it’s very visible to the human eye and yet never seen. Why? Because lazy people park their cars on it.

What part of No Parking don’t they understand? It doesn’t say “Park here if you’re only picking up one item,” “Park here if you’ll only be a minute,” “Park here if you’re using the express lane or self checkout. It says, “No Parking.” Plain and simple. Nothing confusing about it.

If the shopping centers would enforce this rule, the area in front of the store would be safer for pedestrians and drivers. It really isn’t that difficult to take a regular parking space like the rest of us and clear up the hassle they create.

Oh, and for those who still wonder what “No Parking” means, dictionaries are sold in most stores now or they can Google it to get the meaning.

Tom Lewis, Augusta

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