Having money is a good thing: The more you have the better off you are.

I think Mitt Romney said it best when he said he was not worried about the very poor because they had a safety net.

How did we become so selfish and heartless? I’m not sure. I can only say what I know to be true.

If a Colby College student is caught while intoxicated on campus, the Waterville police, rescue and Delta ambulance will be sent to assist. A person who is out of work and has no money and who is intoxicated in Waterville may never see rescue or Delta Ambulance. I have heard this on my scanner many times.

How did we become a society that will feed, clothe, house and medically take care of Charles Manson for 50 years, yet throw folks, whose only crime is being poor, out in the street with nothing more than what they can carry?

Not so many years ago, when flu shots started to be administered, folks could get them free or pay a $5 fee at a doctor’s office. Today, that same flu shot will cost you $27.99 and is covered by insurance. People without insurance are out of luck.

We have money to build the world’s largest embassy in Iraq and staff it with thousands of people. We have money to build a large soccer field at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for the prison inmates, but we have no money to help the poor.

We can’t expect Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage to comment on these facts because LePage seems to have no money for these people.

How did this happen? How is this allowed to continue?

Mark Pantermoller


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