Now is the time for the townspeople of Embden to take care of their bat issues in the old townhouse.

I doubt there are any bats there at this time and their most cost-effective way would be to seal up any possible ways the bats are getting in to the building. Most likely the ones there are females using the building as a rookerie for their young. Bats will be back in the area in about four to six weeks, weather permitting.

I do not know the condition of this structure but sealing eaves, soffits, screens, etc. or any other openings will keep the bats out. With the decline in our bat populations, this would be the most responsible way to go.

Once the bats have their pups, one per female, sealing the building would only result in the sure death of the pups because they would not be ready to fly.

With the outbreak of whitenose syndrome in the past few years and other environmental factors, helping these small beneficial mammals is in our best interest.

Patrick Flynn


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