“Everyone should be able to enjoy Quarry Road,” I was told by a woman walking with her adult daughter and two grandkids and a dog off the leash on the ski trails at Quarry Road.

She was right to say we should all enjoy the trails, but she wouldn’t listen to my request that they use the road or the snowshoe trail that was two steps away from her.

I tried to explain that skiers have the trails only for two to three months and that footsteps can be difficult to groom out and can be unsafe for young or beginner skiers. Another skier, an elderly woman, came upon us and agreed with me, noting there were designated trails for walking.

The women walked away in midsentence, and one of the kids actually threw a snowball at the older woman.

My request is that all people should enjoy the trails, but everyone should show respect to others and follow the rules of the area: Walk on designated walk trails and ski on designated ski trails.

I want to express my appreciation to the Parks and Recreation staff for doing their best to groom both ski and walking trails with the limited snow we have had and for trying to educate the public on the rules of the area.

Caroline Mathes


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