Anyone who has read James Perloff’s book, “The Shadows of Power,” knows that the well-entrenched Council on Foreign Relations seeks to subvert the United States into a socialist and tyrannical world government.

Since most presidential candidates (both winners and losers) are either members of this elite group or have advisers who are, there is little reason to believe that the kind of real change needed in our nation will be made by either the Democrat or the Republican winner in 2012. But there is an exception this year.

As we watch Barack Obama’s assault on religious liberty and other portions of the Constitution, one candidate stands apart from the Council on Foreign Relations’s tight grip on presidential politics.

During 15 terms in Congress, Ron Paul has demonstrated an unmatched commitment to the Constitution that has always included his campaigns against the Federal Reserve and for the return to sound money.

When commentator Paul Harvey retired several years ago, he said, “Goodbye America! You were great while you lasted.” The chance to keep America as a free country exists, and Paul is the man who has pledged to do it.

Robert Bruce Acheson


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