John R. Merrill, in his March 12 letter, “Republicans want to prod Obama into Iranian war,” seemed to ignore Iran’s statements and actions when he said that, “The idea that Iran would ever attack either Israel or the United States is nonsense.”

Iran has stated publicly that Israel should be wiped off the map, and has been developing and testing ballistic missiles and solid fuel that would endanger not only Israel, but also the Middle East and parts of Europe.

If Iran were to develop nuclear weapons, there is a danger that it might furnish them to terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, which it currently bankrolls.

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors have made regular visits to the two uranium enrichments facilities at Natanz and Fordow. As stated on page A2 of the March 12 issue of the newspaper, however, “IAEA’s most recent report points out that Iran has provided few details and cited its (Iran’s) ‘lack of cooperation.'” with regard to Iran’s expansion of its uranium enrichment facilities.

Yale Marienhoff, retired

Army lieutenant colonel


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