AUGUSTA — Legislation seeking $300,000 from the state of Maine for an east-west highway feasibility study is moving forward, with a change that makes the developer pay back the cost of the study if the highway is built.

The House and Senate have already approved a bill calling for a feasibility costing $300,000 in state highway funds. Today, the House amended the bill to say the $300,000 must be paid back by the developer if the highway gets the go-ahead.

The amended bill, LD 1671, awaits Senate approval.

The idea of a highway across Maine connecting New Brunswick with Quebec has been discussed for decades. The latest plan calls for a privately funded highway maintained with tolls. Supporters estimate it would cost $2 billion.

Gov. Paul LePage supports the bill.

Read the bill: “An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Transportation for a Feasibility Study of an East-west Highway”


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