Motorcycle inspections now expire in March. Did anyone give this much thought? This is Maine, not Florida! A May or June, or even April, date would have been better.

We put up our bikes when we see possible snow and ice and don’t take them out again until that possibility is gone. It is the only safe choice. I will get my motorcycle inspected this April and it will expire next March.

So if conditions are not good for riding in March, can I take it to an inspection station in April without a permit to move it?

I am sure lawmakers know how many motorcycles are registered in Maine and I wonder what kind of pressure will be on the shops to get them all inspected in March.

I am all for the sticker being put on the plate, but don’t see why they all need to be inspected the same month. There is the right way, the wrong way and, yes, the Augusta way.

Terry Tiner


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