I had to respond to Michael Cameron’s letter ( “Fluke a soldier in a non-war against women’s health,” March 17), because a person can be wrong in only so many ways before the errors have to be addressed.

By blindly backing the right-wing talking heads, he’s proven to be their demo. Non-thinkers willing to believe anything they say.

First, Sandra Fluke never asked the government to pay for anything. She’s asking for the government to mandate that any health insurance offered by her job (which is either part of her wages or comes out of her wages) covers contraception.

Second, female contraception isn’t solely used for birth control. Anemia, ovarian cysts and endometriosis are just some of the medical conditions for which the birth control pill is prescribed.

Third, any “recreational pursuits” that require birth control also require that both genders are “pursuing,” yet for some reason birth control still is seen as the woman’s responsibility.

I don’t think there’s a war on women’s health issues, but there certainly is a massive amount of negligence of thought in a race to see who can be more conservative. After all, the right’s hero, Rush Limbaugh, has been married four times, yet has no children. He can’t be that opposed to birth control, right?

Bill St. Amand


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