Imagine this: There is no such thing as perfect skin, no such thing as too much fat, or beautiful, long hair.

There are no eyes to put eyeliner on, no lips to plump and color, no ears on which to hang dangling shiny earrings, no long, manicured nails to paint.

There is no such thing as a nicely shaped butt, perky breasts, or firm abs.

Imagine instead that we are all a bunch of walking and talking skeletons.

Nothing else matters. No need for high fashion, no hate toward obese people. No harassment about being ugly. Nobody would care how old you are. We are just skeletons.

We would think twice before acting. We wouldn’t care about your skin color, or how bald you are. We would like someone because they were kind to us. We would love each other based on how much we are loved back. We would find love based on personality.


Imagine the body’s purpose is just to be a carrier for the soul. Imagine this and ask me again why it is so wrong for two gay men or lesbians to love each other, to want to be together through marriage?

How are straight skeletons different from gay ones? They aren’t. They love the same.

Am I a “sinner” for thinking this way? Nope. I’m just one of the billions of skeletons walking around.

Kerri Davis, Waterville

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