Greg Theriault in his letter, “Pillars that sustained nation compromised away,” on March 10 took on Sen. Olympia Snowe. He said, “she was a leftist herself” because at times she compromised.

Theriault is from Skowhegan; he really must have despised Skowhegan’s own Margaret Chase Smith.

The Constitutional Convention in 1787 had to make many compromises to get the 13 states to ratify the Constitution before they wrote the Bill of Rights.

Theriault talked about religion. Did he know that the body of the Constitution does not mention a deity or God or religion?

The First Amendment talks about freedom of religion and the free exercise of that religion as long as it follows the laws of the United States.

Another lesson from Article VI of the Constitution: “The Senators and Representatives and the members of the several state Legislatures and all Executive and Judicial officers both of the United States shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

I believe President Barack Obama when he says he is a Christian, but even if he had been a Muslim, he still could be president.

It is in Theriault’s last paragraph where his biggest mistakes were obvious.

He talks about how far the coed law student had fallen morally. He stated that she said her contraceptives should be paid by someone else and the president agreed.

That statement contains two major lies. The coed testified that a friend of hers, because of a medical problem, could not afford contraceptives and as a result lost an ovary. President Obama called her because of slurs from Rush Limbaugh.

Joyce Bushey


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