Spring has sprung.

So I decided to do some spring cleaning, but I could not open my windows. My window screens were caked with so much sand I had to pound it out.

Why? Because all winter long, our road (Route 139) was spread with a sand/dirt mixture instead of salt. So now when cars pass my house, a huge dust bowl forms in the air.

I realize that salt is more expensive in this economy, but the long-term health effects of breathing in this dust bowl will cost more in the long run.

Back in the days before the Industrial Revolution, towns would be dusty from the horses stirring up the dirt and many people suffered from respiratory ailments.

Now, of course, we have paved roads and this is no longer a problem, except in Thorndike, where Route 139 is covered in dirt, yet around the corner Route 220 is clean as a whistle.

It would be nice if the state would clean all roads the same and not ignore ones in small towns.

Christine H. Gavitt


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