Where is the state of Maine headed?

First, it was a mural hanging in the Department of Labor. That wasted some money.

And what were we thinking by passing a law allowing everyone to go out and buy fireworks any time of the year? I cannot wait to see how that turns out. People in my neighborhood are shooting them off already. That makes for really peaceful neighbors.

There is no control of anything in Maine anymore. Now we have another chance to vote for or against gay marriage. How many times do we have to vote that down before it sticks?

Not to mention the casinos that we have allowed to overrun us.

Our state has gone downhill so fast morally within the last seven or eight years that we can hardly recognize it.


Now the governor wants to take away any kind of help for the people who fall on hard times. Wasn’t it enough to cut MaineCare? How far is this governor going to go before every one of us is sleeping on the streets?

Just because welfare isn’t his cup of tea, it doesn’t mean that some people don’t need it. We are not all so smart and productive that we can go out and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and become governor.

It is very offensive to me, as it probably is to a number of other people here in Maine who really need this kind of help. I admit some take advantage of the system, but isn’t it the job of the Department of Human Services to check out these people and find the ones who abuse it?

If we don’t start standing for something, this state is going to fall flat on it’s face.

Barbara Cote


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