A few days ago, I was talking to my Republican uncle and our conversation somehow found its way to Occupy Wall Street. He said Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of anticapitalist Obama supporters.

This, however, cannot be the case. I do not support the Democrats or the Republicans. They are both guilty of selling out the American people in many ways. The following, however, is my attempt to clear the fog about the Occupy movement, which I have observed since its inception.

What I have found is that the occupiers are against war; Obama has increase our involvement. The occupiers are against the Ponzi-scheme Federal Reserve that is pillaging our country. If you don’t know that, then you haven’t done your homework. Obama enriches the Federal Reserve every time he borrows more money from it just like all the other presidents.

Obama had no problem at all with the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. His health care reform is a bailout for the health insurance companies.

Occupy Wall Street is against both of these. Occupy also opposes the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows Americans to be targeted by authorities for just about anything. Guess who?

The truth is that OWS is anti-corruption and pro-accountability. If corporations are people too, then they deserve to be arrested like people when they defraud the public.

Also contradicting the OWS-Obama movement theory is the fact most occupiers believe that Republicans and Democrats are merely putting on a sideshow while looting our piggybank. What you are witnessing is a co-opting of a movement.

The Democrats now pretend to be affiliated with Occupy, while Republicans slander it. This is a meant to fool those who cannot take the time to do a little research.


Tobey McAfee


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