This is in response to a letter to the editor from Terry Tiner of Belgrade.

It appears that he received misinformation about the new laws regarding motorcycle inspections. I hope that I can clarify this for him.

Beginning this year, motorcycle registrations will be phased in and expire in March of each year. For example, if you register your bike in June this year, you will pay a registration fee that will be prorated through March 2013. All motorcycles then will be required to be registered each March.

This part of the law is for registrations, not inspections.

Also as a part of the new law, however, all motorcycles will be required to display an inspection sticker on the upper left corner of the license plate.

For the remainder of 2012, this will be voluntary, but, beginning next year, all motorcycle must display inspection stickers.

You still can have your motorcycle inspected on any given month; it is not required that you have your motorcycle inspected in March.

I hope that I have clarified this for Tiner and other motorcyclists. If you would like to learn more about the new law and other laws regarding motorcycles I urge you to become a member of United Bikers of Maine, a motorcycle rights organization.

Kennebec County UBM meets at 7 the first Tuesday of each month at the Winslow VFW.

Please ride safe and ride with respect to others.

Jeff Flye, director

Kennebec County United Bikers of Maine


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