Like most other people, I suspect, I am tired of exclusively partisan politics.

In Augusta’s east side (House District 56), the incumbent said on TV (March 16), “I have a great lady” — then goes on to extol the virtues of a hand-picked successor.

How about the opponent? Corey Wilson is a fresh, new, nonpolitical face, a young, independent-thinking newcomer.

A combat veteran Marine, Wilson served in Kuwait and Iraq, then returned to Augusta to work in Homeland Security.

He will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in May and pursues a career in real estate.

Active in Augusta Downtown Alliance and Cynergy (jobs development), Wilson is a courageous young man, anxious to show his community the same commitment he gave in defense of his country.

This election pits an old-time partisan political party worker vs. Corey Wilson, an exciting, new candidate for state representative for House District 56.

Don Roberts