I was driving home on March 26, on Interstate 95 from Augusta going north. As I got on the freeway, I noticed a vehicle in the passing lane going fairly fast. It had a state of Maine House of Representatives license plate.

I followed the vehicle and saw the driver was talking on his cellphone and going about 85 mph. (I kept pace with the vehicle to determine its speed.)

I was wondering why this legislator thought he could violate the law going 20 mph over the speed limit while talking on his cellphone.

We approached the Main Street exit for Waterville. Amazingly, we came upon another vehicle with a State House plate, and this driver also was talking on a cellphone.

I am frustrated that the ones who make the rules seem to think the rules don’t have to apply to them. I often see police officers from many municipalities, as well as state troopers, talking on their phones while driving as well. The average citizen, however, would be cited for doing the same violation.

I thought about who I could contact to have something done about this issue that happens so often. Since I wasn’t sure who to contact, I decided that writing a letter to the editor was my only option. I’m sure if you polled your readers, they would have many of the same stories.

Dale Laney


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