This is in response to Susan McMillan’s article, “Owner of dog involved in death of poodle cited,” published March 27 in the newspaper, and to those who have commented online.

I am a neighbor and friend of Susan Pullen. She is a wonderful, compassionate woman, who has spent her life caring for dogs. Her business, Willow Run Bed Biscuit and Bath, is a fantastic, immaculate facility, one I have used for nine years.

She employs 10 people. Those who care for the animals are warm, friendly dog lovers, well educated in handling them.

I certainly hope that this piece of “journalism” does not have a negative impact on her business.

At 5 a.m. this past Thanksgiving, our Lab had difficulty walking, was short of breath and then collapsed.

I called Susan,  who immediately came over, assessed the situation, helped me carry him to the car and comforted him while my husband and I prepared for the drive to the animal emergency facility.

She cried with us when she learned our dear pet had been euthanized.

I also knew her dog, Nick. Yes, he was a bit excitable; but he never, ever showed signs of aggression and was such a joy, always receptive to ear scratches and belly rubs.

I feel terrible for Ann Michaud and her loss, but both pet owners and dog-sitter Lynda Hinds are suffering.

This incident was tragic, and one I would hope no other person will ever have to experience. Please try to be kind and not so quick to judge.

Carol Kemmerer