As a mother who often worries about keeping my kids safe from exposure to toxic chemicals, I was encouraged to see that Maine’s House and Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution asking Congress to fix our badly broken chemical safety laws.

I hope Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will follow Maine’s lead by helping to reform the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), which is obsolete and ineffective.

By co-sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act, Snowe and Collins could help bring about a science-based approach to reducing harm from toxic chemical exposure.

As I have grown more aware of this issue, I have begun to realize how difficult it is for me to ensure that the products I bring into my home are safe. I try to buy organic foods to ensure the best health for my family, but I recently found out that even these canned and packaged goods can contain high levels of chemicals such as BPA.

As long as manufacturers can hide basic safety information about their products from consumers, I cannot be certain that the choices I make are healthy for my kids.

Even worse, our broken federal law still allows the sale of products with chemicals linked to cancer, learning disabilities and reproductive problems.

I would like to thank our lawmakers here in Maine for their leadership on this important public health issue, and I ask Sens. Snowe and Collins to stand up in support of the Safe Chemicals Act.

Amanda Dunn


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