I cannot be silent in light of recent negative comments about state employees and teachers.

I wanted to express my support for public employees. I am proud of those who serve our state. To those who plow and fix our roads, protect our forests, serve in law enforcement, work in state offices; teach our children and do work for all Maine people, I thank you.

I grew up in family supported by a parent working in the public sector as a teacher and principal and know firsthand of the hard work and sacrifice of public employees.

My dad worked long days and brought work home. He changed lives and made a difference in our community. On Saturdays, he often took us with him to his second job. I am equally proud of my wife for choosing to work in public education.

I have served for two terms in the Maine House and have worked with many amazing people who work to make this a state we are all proud of. We have asked people to do more with less, and working together not scapegoating will lead to improved efforts statewide.

Our teachers, state employees and retired public employees have given more than their fair share to help this state. Thank you for making this state a great place to raise our children.

Rep. Jeff McCabe


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