I have two observations.

First, I seem to be seeing more and more people walking the roads along with the flow of traffic, that is, with traffic coming upon them from behind. Adults with children. Joggers. The other day two joggers side by side, so that the outer one was halfway into the travel lane. They were laughing, talking and, in my opinion, asking to be killed.

One of the first things my mother taught me, so that my pals and I could negotiate the roads of Albion safely, was to walk against the traffic, so that we could see what might be coming.

Lately, I’ve been tempted to pull over and talk to these various daredevils about the risk that a texter might plow into them from behind, but I’ve been afraid that in stopping they might see me as a potential predator, pull out a handgun and end my days.

Second. I guess Barack Obama has proven, with his announcement about his support of same-sex marriage, that he is not a Muslim. If he were, we’d have heard of a fatwah being issued for his death. With none forthcoming, that takes care of that. Another non-issue bites the dust.

Shoot. I just thought of a third thing. Isn’t there a law in Maine that when you have your windshield wipers on you also must have your headlights on? Lots of people seem to have forgotten that.


Abbott Meader


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