Finally, we see a little compassion for domestic-violence victims in this state. Few people take the time to realize the true and horrifying reality of most domestic-violence cases here in Maine.

Just recently, a 10-week-old child allegedly was beaten to death by his own father. How much sadder can it get?

Domestic violence has no economic or geographic boundaries. Family violence of some sort affects many children and adults and destroys families. The ones who pay the biggest price, of course, are the children.

A young child who witnesses violence firsthand, whether physical or a screaming match between family members, often mommy and daddy, is extremely confused, very frightened and at times traumatized. The memories don’t go away.

Children learn from what they see and learn the most from our parents. If a family struggles for years with domestic violence not telling not a soul, the children get the idea that is must be normal behavior in every family. If they are not told it’s wrong, why would they think any differently? Sadly, domestic violence often is passed down to the next generation.

The governor’s idea of men needing to handle domestic violence is lame and doesn’t make a bit of sense. Everyone needs to be aware of this ongoing problem, in hopes of action on the issue taking place instead of slowly being forgotten until another tragedy occurs. The awareness needs to stick for action to take place, don’t you think?

Todd Pooler


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