I am writing in response to the May 6 commentary written by Dana Milbank, the liberal columnist from The Washington Post, in which he complains about Congress as a “do-nothing Congress” simply because it has passed only 106 public laws.

Someone needs to tell him and other liberals with the same mind-set that success is not measured by how many laws passed, rather by how many are taken off the books.

Another observation I have seen recently is the way the media put a positive spin on the Occupy Movement. We were told these are people just like you and me — hardworking, peaceful people who just want equal justice.

The fact of the matter is that most, not all, are of a young socialist movement that tries to prove their points through intimidation, bullying and violence with no respect for the law.

Most do not want to work and want everything for nothing. They also have a very long rap sheet with the law: Thousands of arrests have been made for littering, harassment, trespassing, destruction of property, rape, and even a murder charge in New York.

The latest charge was against five men who are accused of trying to blow up a Cleveland, Ohio, bridge.

Yet again, the mainstream media keep giving them a free pass, especially the wing-bat channel MSNBC.

Statistics on the tea party include no disruptions, no arrests, appropriate permits.

The media tried to make them out as bigots, homophobes, racists, and violent, backwoods, gun-toting hicks, none of which was true.

Scott LaPlante


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