Let’s face it: Paul LePage is one lazy governor.

Instead of finding ways to identify specific abuses he alleges happen within our state’s safety net, he follows a lazy no-effort path and proposes blaming whole classifications of people and pulling the rug out from under them.

Ignoring the ineptitude and withholding reporting of computer problems that led to benefit overpayments, he skips the exertion required to make necessary administrative structural changes and lazily demands further benefit cuts to those who are properly qualified and truly need services.

Rather than do the hard honest work of good management of and negotiation with state employees along with tackling the challenges of improving our educational system, he chooses the lazier routes of blame and vilification.

Avoiding promoting Maine’s positive attributes and making a results-oriented effort to grow jobs, he takes the lazy shortcut of disparaging Maine and idly leaves to chance that tax cuts and apathetically abdicating regulatory responsibility might work.

In lieu of confronting his own bad habits of making up stories, spouting fabricated statistics and reacting angrily to not getting his way, he lazily takes the bossy indolent approach to avoid the hard work of learning how to be a leader.

Our Legislature, local officials, educators, business leaders and all of us need to take LePage to task for his lethargic lack of leadership, always sluggishly bypassing the hard work of compromise, consensus and cooperation to take the lazy easy route and slothfully avoid seeking solutions to problems in order to duck real hard responsible work.

Bossing, browbeating and bombastic blustering isn’t work; it’s the lazy avoidance of rolling up one’s sleeves and pitching in. We need LePage to get off the Blaine House couch and do his job.

Bruce Bourgoine


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