Lately, the demise of common sense and logic across the country and the world appears to be reaching warp speed, locally representative of Peter Sirois’ May 5 letter to the editor and globally by the recent assertion that dinosaur flatulence may have contributed to that era’s global warming.

Do people really think Gov. Paul LePage’s attempts to reinstate fiscal sanity into the state is motivated by any desire to harm? If LePage doesn’t cut entitlements, where is he going to find the funds to stop the demise of Maine?

It seems complainers want a governor who won’t: increase taxes, tackle cuts in entitlements, look for corruption within the government, bring in any new businesses that might threaten our eco-system and will ignore labor unions and state employee benefits.

It appears people want magic. We Americans like our idols. We want our politicians to be good to look at, witty, politically correct, leaving us feeling, you know, warm and fuzzy, promising things they cannot possibly deliver in a manner that endears our hearts and doesn’t offend anyone. If they possess this magic, this charisma, we will forgive them their flaws. It doesn’t matter that they can’t do most of what they promised, since we won’t hold them accountable.

Do people seriously believe poverty is caused by corporate greed, with profits literally taking money away from the poor, or that wealth is a single non-replenishable pie that the wealthy will not share, despite people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?

Does anyone think the multitudes of vulnerable, poor and needy people depending on entitlements might be the result of consequences belonging to something or someone other than greedy corporations?

Whatever happened to the logic, personal integrity, responsibility and accountability this once-great country was built on?

Jeanne Ives, Oakland

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