If this letter seems disoriented, I apologize. I am having so many frustrated thoughts I am having trouble sorting them. I will start with the equality rant.

I have a middle-school age son who is fairly bright by most accounts. Last fall, he and the rest of the boys in school were left to fritter away the day while the girls went to the University of Maine to learn about career opportunities in engineering.

Somehow, it is not discriminatory when they take only girls to that special program. My son and other boys might like that opportunity, but, since they weren’t girls, they couldn’t go.

Not discriminatory? Higher education should know better or perhaps our own administration.

If everyone wants equality, why do we field more than one sports team per sport? Let all the boys and girls try out, and then let the best of them play. It also would save money.

If everyone wants equality, why are there two set of tees for golf or different fitness requirements for the military or adjustments for low-income students to get to college?

We should just set a requirement and see who makes it. Why are those in power not promoting all students, not just special groups?

I believe it’s because if there was equality, it would put all these advocate and special interest people out of work. People either don’t want equality or don’t recognize it when it happens. Everyone is trying to defend their little piece of the pie instead of offering to raise everyone to the same level.

I have an ex who was fond of the phrase, “We ain’t even until I’m ahead.” I’m afraid as a society that is where we are.

Jay McDougal


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