I want to thank President Barack Obama for speaking up for all citizens. Even though his thoughts are clearly his own opinion and not public policy, they give hope to those left out of marriage equality that someday we will be able to join with our partners.

My partner of almost 30 years and I can now dream that someday in the near future, we can join an institution that we have not had access to before.

We are not asking for any church, person or group to have to agree with us. Civil rights of minorities must be protected by our government. That is one of the strengths of our Constitution.

Maine people can help support us with their vote in November. Surely, everyone must know a GLTB person. You depend on them to cut your hair, teach your children, wait on you in restaurants. They are your brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. Show them you care by helping them to get a right they should already have.

We accept men killing each other in wars, fighting in video games and on TV and other forms of violence. Vote for love of yourself, your brothers and sisters, your friends and your neighbors. The world would be a better place with more love.

Robert Nazlian


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