Hats off to Hallowell’s children, teachers and community.

Months ago, Mayor Charlotte Warren and the members of Hallowell’s 250th Anniversary Celebration Committee supported the request of my two 6-year-olds to hold a Clean-Up Day, which took place on May 23.

The entire Hall-Dale Elementary School community was invited to join in the effort, and we were pleased by a strong showing of school children and their families, including one young man, Isaac, who celebrated his ninth birthday by helping to clean up the city.

Longtime Hallowell residents joined in, as well as members of the Hall-Dale teaching staff, who picked up numerous bags of trash alongside the kids, after a long work day. I cannot imagine better role models for my children.

Hallowell officials gave my children important lessons in responsibility, community service and taking pride in the place they call home.

Stacey Mondschein Katz


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