What will we be eating in 2035? That’s the question reporter Josh Schonwald sets out to answer in “The Taste of Tomorrow.”

The food odyssey that follows takes him from his neighborhood farmers market in Illinois all the way to the Netherlands, where he visits a lab making the world’s first serious effort to grow meat in a test tube. Other stops include a California farmer who grows produce for renowned chef Alice Waters, the world’s largest indoor fish farm in Martinsville, Va., and an Army food lab west of Boston.

Along the way, Schonwald eats his way through a buffet of possible foods of tomorrow.
Luckily for readers, all this food exploration is divided into manageable and palate-pleasing bites. Different sections explore the future of salad, meat and fish.

Readers who expect to come away knowing what will be on the dinner table in 2035 will be disappointed. After thousands of miles of travel, Schonwald confesses he still doesn’t have a definitive answer.

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