Recently I emailed Colleen Lachowicz to ask why she was running for state Senate District 25, and to ask how she differed from her primary opponent.

Not surprisingly, Lachowicz answered from her professional experience at Kennebec Behavioral Health:

“I am running because I have personally seen the effects that bad social policies have wrought on our community. …This isn’t an intellectual exercise for me. I can explain in grim detail to fellow legislators what their policies will do, and I will make them own those choices within themselves. …That is how we differ, I see the stakes personally rather than politically. The personal is political.”

Of course what Lachowicz was too modest to say in her reply, but which I can attest to, is that she brings a solid intellectual approach to problem-solving, a clarity of both thought and expression, the critical qualities I look for in a legislator.

Bernie Huebner


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