Bonjour, I’m from Quebec.

On my way to a Rotary Conference District in Belfast on June 1, I drove through Waterville. As I was leaving the city, I made a quick move to go on the left and, by doing so, I came in front of a woman who was not expecting my late move. She got mad at me and showed me a finger, and I guess it was not a welcoming sign. Sorry!

On my way back to Chicoutimi at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, I was going through Skow-hegan, where there is almost a U-turn to do to get back on the main road.

I did something — I do not know exactly what I did wrong — but there was a man getting mad at us, and yelling from his car and also making a sign making us not feeling welcome in this city. Sorry!

It would be nice if people would show more patience toward foreigners that, like me, are not always sure which way to go. We would feel more welcome in your area.

Pierre Lincourt

Chicoutimi, Quebec

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