Gov. Paul LePage’s remark about unions costing the citizens of the state of Maine money is hogwash.

He seems to want to keep frontline employees in state government and Maine at a poverty level while asking them to carry more financial burdens. He should, instead, try reining in the real expenses and stop picking on the hard-working people of this state and state government.

Maine should set the example about how employees should be treated, with respect. Blaming unions for incompetent management and promoting a bullying attitude is totally wrong.

In fact, the governor is the very type of manager that caused unions to form in the beginning. Yes, unions have gotten out of control like any group where corruption can find its way in, but are they the real cause of financial ineptness and laws and rules that prevent cost savings? I don’t have the answer to what needs reining in.

That is why the governor, in theory, hires experts, authorizes studies and puts together management teams who can find and fix those issues. How much do they cost us? The governor and the Legislature should stop blaming unions and look behind the scenes and find the real problems.

I ask all employers to consider what they get for paying their workers minimum wage or a little above while paying no benefits, or minimum benefits. Most workers I know struggle to survive and yet maintain a good work ethic that seldom gets recognition.

Someone needs to protect employees from bosses who make money on their backs. We all need each other to make a living, so let’s do it honestly and respectfully.

Ed Wheaton


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