AUGUSTA — The Viles Arboretum recently held its annual migratory bird day event focused on bird migration and conservation. Well over 100 people participated in a variety of activities and the weather could not have been better, according to a news release. Children marveled at the live owls and hawks presented by Chewonki’s Keith Crowley. Early risers joined several Augusta Bird Club leaders and were rewarded with sightings of several colorful warbler species. Herb Wilson showed dozens of viewers all about bird banding while Home Depot presented a workshop building bird houses. Norm Famous held a bird song identification workshop, Mike Smith took a group of over thirty kids and adults on a birding tour and several other activities including owl pellet dissection and bird mobile construction. Henning Stabins, Plum Creek biologist wrapped up the day with a lively and fascinating presentation about wildlife tracking using radio telemetry.

The entire day was made possible by the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund who provided a generous grant in support of the event. The Fund also helped purchase binoculars for the Arboretum and several other conservation/education organizations in Maine, providing an ongoing opportunity for the public to participate in bird watching and learn just how much fun observing birds and nature can be.

The Viles Arboretum, centrally located in Augusta on 224 acres of fields, forests, wetlands and botanical collections offers an ever-changing selection of programs for the general public and for schools. We focus on interactive, creative and hands-on teaching with a focus on natural history and unlocking everyone’s natural ability to understand the nature of our world through your own eyes and by using your own intellect.

To learn more about the Arboretum and its programs, or how to become more involved, check its website at, Facebook page which is currently under our former name Pine Tree State Arboretum, stop in or call 626-7989.

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