I totally agree with Joyce Turcotte (letter, June 9, “Hey local veterinarians: how about a senior discount?”).

I believe there is no pain in the world like having to give up a pet; it’s like losing a family member.

A low-price clinic or senior discount should be a no-brainer for veterinary care these days.

Where is the compassion? Why do people become veterinarians? Is it for the animals, to keep a beloved pet healthy, to save lives, or is it for the money? Are they still in that mind-set?

They should use their skills for the right reasons — not for megabucks.

At least one veterinarian in the area knows the need for reasonable prices so people can keep their animals. He does not charge an arm and a leg. Others should follow his example.


When an animal is adopted from a shelter, Petfinder, etc., the animals have all been vetted, which is why there is a fee to get an animal from these places.

I am doing my part in animal rescue. I have a bunch of cats and four dogs. I got the dogs from the South, where they still kill animals in gas chambers. Can you believe it?

It is very important to me for people to keep their animals. If I had my way, every animal would have a loving home. Their love toward us is unconditional, no matter how we treat them.

Deborah Phair


[email protected]

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