WINTHROP — Winthrop High School has announced the following class of 2012 scholarship recipients:

P. Daniel Coyne Scholarship: Alyssa Rovella.

Winthrop Educator Association Scholarship: Daisy Leighton.

Helen A. Griffin Memorial Scholarship: Paige Wood.

Winthrop Business Club Scholarship: Victoria Romar.

The Rhymes and Reasons Early Childhood Scholarship: Daisy Leighton.


Winthrop Grange No. 209 Scholarship: Darian Nadeau.

Dana L. Childs Memorial Scholarship: Daisy Leighton.

Stephen Lincoln Memorial Scholarship: Christian Gilman.

Lee St. Hilaire Scholarship: Nicole Burgess.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Scholarship: Amy Belanger.

Winthrop Hillandalers Snowmobile Club, Joe Firlotte Scholarship: Teri Tricarico.


Alfred W. Maxwell, Jr., American Legion Post No. 40 Scholarship: Victoria Romar.

Alfred W. Maxwell Jr., American Legion Post No. 40 Howard Harriman Scholarship: Taylor Tarbox.

Alfred W. Maxwell Jr. American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 40 Scholarship: Christian Gilman.

Ada Smith Memorial Music Scholarships: Meagan Scully and Alyssa Rovella.

Wendy Lea Vigneault Memorial Scholarship: Paige Wood.

Paul Rourke Memorial Scholarships: Teri Tricarico, Lauren Selwood, and Rebekah Lewis.


Winthrop Lions Club Scholarships: Paige Wood, Tyler Foster and Teri Tricarico.

Scott Blackstone Memorial Scholarship: Christian Gilman.

RLC Engineering Scholarships: Tyler Reeve and Connor Doyle.

Sandie Belden Memorial Scholarship: Amy Belanger.

Sen. George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute Scholarship: Amy Belanger.

Germaine Auclair Memorial Scholarship: Darian Nadeau.


Maine Masonic Scholarship: Christopher Bowers.

The 2012 Gardiner Federal Credit Union Educational Gift: Connor Doyle.

Augusta Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Timothy Dunn.

Glenn S. Hayford Memorial Scholarship: Rebekah Lewis.

The Philip, David and Stephen Kelley Memorial Scholarship: Christian Gilman.

Eva King Bailey Foundation Fund Scholarships: Taylor Tarbox, Meagan Scully, Cameron MacMillan and Victoria Romar.


Avis Adams Cadwell Memorial Scholarship: Amy Belanger.

MELMAC Education Foundation Maine Principals’ Scholarship: Matthew Smith.

George Wilson Athletic Memorial Scholarship: Amy Belanger.

Gene Harrington Memorial Scholarships: Connor Doyle and Victoria Romar.

Bank of Maine Scholarship: Alyssa Rovella.

Winthrop Area Federal Credit Union Scholarships: Tyler Foster, Alyssa Rovella and Victoria Romar.


Winthrop Athletic Boosters’ Club Scholarships: Connor Doyle and Alison Sekerak.

Stanley Kanzey Memorial Scholarships: Paige Wood, Tyler Reeve, Christopher Bowers, Darian Nadeau, Connor Doyle, Tomothy Dunn, Alison Sekerak, Lauren Selwood, Amy Belanger, and Meagan Scully.

Bud Clough Athletic Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Foster.

Bud Clough Vocational Memorial Scholarship: Christian Gilman.

Del Bissonette Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Reeve.

Ron Cross Memorial Scholarship: Rebekah Lewis.


Ramsdell Memorial Fund Scholarships: Connor Doyle.

Diana Sylvester Memorial Scholarship: Paige Wood.

Winthrop Rotary Club Scholarships: Daisy Leighton and Rebekah Lewis.

Winthrop Rotary Club, Frank Antonucci Scholarship: Taylor Tarbox.

Winthrop Rotary Club Leha “Pete” Edwards Scholarships: Cameron MacMillan and Alison Sekerak.

Segal Scholarship: Tyler Reeve.


Harry C. & Flora May Davis Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Selwood.

Helena Bissonette Seamans Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Tarbox.

Marshall Hills Memorial Scholarship: Tim Dunn.

Nellie M. Tuttle Memorial Valedictorian Scholarship: Alison Sekerak.

Pamela Webb Memorial Scholarship: Rebekah Lewis.

Benevolent & Protective Order of the Elks Augusta Lodge No. 964 Scholarships: Connor Doyle and Alison Sekerak.


Maine Community College System 2012 Early College for ME Scholarships: Chase Hopkins and Brandon McClure.

Winthrop High School/Joseph Pietroski School Board Member Volunteerism Scholarship: Cameron MacMillan.

Walter Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Selwood.

Herbert E. Wadsworth Scholarship: Connor Doyle.

Martha Williams Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Rovella.

Jeanette Cumber Memorial Scholarship: Meagan Scully.

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