I’m writing in reply to the June 12 letter about women serving in combat, written by Samual Foster referencing a Newsweek article.

In reality, some of the women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan probably were in combat situations since they do many of the things the men do.

When you’re a female in the military, you have to work twice as hard to prove yourself, unless you’re a Ms. Maybelline. That’s a woman who can get male soldiers to do things for her because of her looks. She never gets dirty or breaks a nail, and she makes it hard on the rest.

I believe plenty of female soldiers out there would be great combat soldiers, and there are men who would appreciate having them cover their backs.

Why not let the women in the boys club and prove themselves?

Suicide rates could be high for lots of reasons, such as loss of a friend, sexual assault, divorce after being deployed.

Will combat increase the suicide rate in female soldiers? Maybe, but if they want to be in a combat career field it should be their choice.

Treating women with respect and not like second-class citizens also might help. Isn’t it time?

Jane L. Speck, retired staff sergeant, Augusta

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