GARDINER — School Administrative District 11 Adult Education graduation was held June 6.

High school diplomas were awarded to Nicholas Lamoreau, Kenneth McAllister, Tai Oliver, Jeffery O’Neil, Jr., Christopher Sirois and Matthew Stuart.

General Equivalency Development diplomas were awarded to Megan Bowden, Alexander Cayse, Sarah Chapman, Matthew Cutting, Veronica Dicent, David Donovan, Kenneth B. Heath, Bryan Hickey, Ethan James, Tyler Johnson, John Kramer, Nicholas LaChance, Brittany McClay, Zackary McClary, Ryan MaGee, Stephanie Noyes, Taryn Rand, Tracy Reid, Cullen Rock, Jacob Sergent, Krista Shockley, Jordan Smith, Jeffrey Spencer, Damian Sullivan, Chrystal Turberville, Matthew Turner and Scott Ware.

Scholarships awarded:

Vernon R. Corbin Scholarship: Veronica Dicent.

Mary Jane Small Scholarship: Ethan James,Tai Oliver and Tracy Reid.


Michael J. Carrie Scholarship: Stephanie Noyes.

Robinson Trust Scholarship: Sarah Chapman, Brittany McClay, Zackary McClay and Chrystal Turberville.

Gardiner Rotary Club Scholarship: Macklyn Nason, Michael Smith and Jennifer VanDenBossche.

Awards: Highest Achievement GED Program: Cullen Rock.

Highest Achievement Diploma Program: Tai Oliver and Christopher Sirois.

SOAR Award: Tracy Reid.

Director Award: Tai Oliver

National Adult Education Honor Society: Sarah Chapman, Chrystal Turberville, Veronica Dicent and Krista Shockley.

Outstanding Students in College Transition Program: Mark Sargent, Macklyn Nason and Jennifer VanDenBossche.

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