I was so glad to see that former Gov. Angus King had turned in the signatures to be on the ballot as an independent from Maine for U.S. Senate in November.

When Sen. Olympia Snowe announced her departure, she decried the “My way or the highway politics of D.C. and the Congress.” Unfortunately, we see that in Augusta as well.

We can do better, however, and send King to represent us as our senator in Washington. Here is a man of principles, who cares about what constituents think and really listens. When he decides how he believes a policy should be introduced or implemented, he explains his reasons with respect for those he is explaining the policy to … not as a bullying tone or my way or the highway approach.

So, even when I have disagreed with King, I truly appreciated the way he made decisions, and the respect he used in conveying his reasons.

He is an unusual politician who can set a great example for how we need to break the gridlock and work on solutions. I’m really glad King is running and he has my vote in November.

Randy Schwartz


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