On June 16, the Kennebec Journal ran an article titled: “No time, money, staff, for Bicentennial Nature Park.”

Community Services Director Leif Dahlin told City Council last week that it was too late this year to open Bicentennial Nature Park. He gave three reasons: time, money and staff.

Dahlin said the cost to the city would be $40,000 to have the park open for the 12-week summer season. It would take three weeks to prepare the park for opening, and staff would need to be hired.

Mayor Bill Stokes and the council could have discussed, but did not, the idea of opening Bicentennial Nature Park for eight weeks this year instead of the usual 12. This would have pared the cost of operating the park from $40,000 to $27,000.

If action is taken now, there is still time to clean, set up and open this extraordinary park for the best part of summer in Maine. If 26 other families are willing to join us, our family will pledge $1,000 toward opening Bicentennial Nature Park this season.

Credit must be given to Councilor Daniel Emery for his effort within the system to sustain its opening, and we encourage him to work toward making it happen in a timely fashion next year.

Don Stratton


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