AUGUSTA — A second man has been charged for his alleged role in a May 8 robbery at the Stone Street CVS pharmacy.

Jason Thomas, 30, of Augusta, was charged with one count of robbery for the incident in which oxycodone was taken from the pharmacy. Thomas was already in custody at Two Bridges jail in Wiscasset on unrelated charges when the robbery charge was filed against him, according to Augusta Detective Sgt. Matthew Clark. Bail on the robbery charge is $10,000, Clark said.

Police said Michael C. Pierce has already admitted he committed the May 8 robbery. Pierce also faces charges in connection with his role in aiding a separate CVS pharmacy robbery Monday on Capitol Street, according to an affidavit filed by Augusta Detective Tori Tracy.

Pierce, 32, said Thomas worked with him in the May 8 robbery, police allege.

“Jason gave him a wig, beard and suit coat and instructions on how to commit the (May 8) robbery,” according to Tracy’s affidavit. “Michael (Pierce) said he drove his Dodge Durango to Hannaford on Stone Street Augusta. He parked his vehicle and walked across the road to the CVS.

“Jason was in a separate vehicle in the area. (Pierce) handed the pharmacist a note demanding oxycodone and fled on foot after being given the drugs.”

The court document also says Pierce ran out of the CVS and was picked up by Thomas. The pair then drove behind the former Augusta Mental Health Institute campus and Thomas emptied the pills into a Dunkin’ Donuts cup, and they discarded some of the empty pill bottles along the side of the road.

They later disposed of the rest of the pill bottles, the wig, beard and suit coat worn in the robbery at the Chelsea boat launch.

Clark said police were led to Thomas both through their investigation of the Monday robbery at the CVS on Capitol Street, and by evidence collected at Pierce’s Glenwood Street residence when they executed a search warrant there Tuesday.

Thomas was in jail at the time of the Capitol Street CVS robbery of Monday, in which a fake beard and wig were also used. Pierce, according to Tracy’s affidavit, said he had not spoken to Thomas since May 8.

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