When are the Democrats going to stop hiding behind a Bush (as in George W. Bush)? They’ve really got to start playing another theme song: Bush did this, Bush did that, when things go wrong, blame Bush.

Barack Obama has little to brag about except the killing of Osama bin Laden. If it weren’t for that, America wouldn’t even consider Obama for a second term. The way he was going around bragging about it, yet omitting to include the SEAL team until someone called him on it, was just shameful.

The Democrats and Obama seem to forget a lot lately, and a big one is we had a Democrat-led Congress for two years, which gave them more than enough time to pass a jobs bill, but they didn’t. Now they’re on this kick of divide and conquer, pitting the rich against the poor.

If Obama gets re-elected he’ll have no one to blame because he has nothing to lose. The only ones that are going to lose are the American people, Ten Commandments, Bill of Rights, independence, private industries, gun control, consumption of food and drink, everything Americans fought and died for.

Excuses, blame, excuses and blame.

Brenda Lachance


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