“Governor LePage Proclaims May Lyme Disease Awareness Month,” I read recently.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1,000 new cases were reported in Maine in 2011. Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties lead the state with the most reported cases. Knox County led with 254 reported cases per 100,000 people. Wow.

What about all the cases that go unreported? I know there must be many.

Lyme disease is a tricky little disease.

If one does not notice the bullseye rash and get to an emergency room or their doctor, the disease may not be diagnosed until the patient starts suffering from the illness many years down the road. Then it’s too late.

Often, people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or another disease. Some are told it’s in their head. Lyme disease is a horrific disease; it causes disabilities beyond belief.


I have sprayed my yard in Washington every three weeks since April. The ticks are so bad that I check my dog before I let her in. This is ridiculous.

Gov. Paul LePage says we need to be aware. We would have to be idiots not to be aware.

I believe he needs to bring back the pesticide DDT and spray. Which is more important: human lives or the eggs of birds being too soft?

This is an epidemic, and our children have only three months of nice weather. Environmentalists should be cut off at the knees for their lack of compassion for human life.

Eileen Turner


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