Independence Day, July 4, is a legal holiday celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

That being said, what an accomplishment and example to set for others albeit Austria was helpful in our endeavor. Could it be that as Americans we remember that and realize it is our responsibility to try to help other countries gain their independence? This could be very altruistic, but have we gone overboard with trying to spread democracy all over the world? My feeling is yes, we have set our sights too high and lost way too much of our treasures, e.g. the men and women of our armed forces seny to wars that aren’t really about those countries independence but ideological wars created by neocons with other criteria.

Yes, we were attacked on 9/11 and rose to the occasion quickly and paid back Osama bin Laden in spades. Was almost over but got sidetracked into Iraq by false information, and the perpetrator even wrote a book later telling us all how stupid we were to fall for all his lies and misinformation.

It is my hope and prayer that America will elect a president in November who will ease off on our aggressions and by doing so prevent this “holy war” from escalating further. Stay home unless attacked but if attacked God help whoever has lost his mind and decides to.

Remember the best deterrent to an attack is a powerful military and we most certainly have that but perhaps staying at home will prevent one. Hope so.

Frank D. Slason


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