I just read the article about the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting in Atlanta.

They are up in arms about the government requirement that their, for-profit, affiliated businesses must provide contraceptive services to their female employees as part of their employer-provided health insurance.

They are morally outraged and say this requirement smacks of intrusion by government into their religious freedom.

I would ask only this: Where was this moral outrage when they were covering up for numerous pedophile priests? During that time, the bishops were noticeably silent while actively covering up the facts and giving these despicable priests a place to hide from the law.

The Catholic Church also is working very hard to make sure that marriage rights are denied to same-sex couples. I understand their feelings about this subject, but no one is forcing them to marry same-sex couples in the church, so why should they have any say in the matter?

They say that this too is a moral issue. I would say that, on a number of moral issues through history, the Catholic Church has very little ground to stand on.

This country was conceived with the idea of separation of church and state. The last time religion and government were intermixed, we were burning witches at the stake.

We should all keep our faith and worship any way we desire, but no one should try to imprint that faith onto others.

Robert Tremaine

Livermore Falls

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