The infomercial-billed-as-a-forum for the East-West Corridor on May 31 was experienced by many as a failure of American democracy and proof of the insidious power of corporations to usurp citizens’ rights to free speech and self-determination.

Fortunately, local citizens have an opportunity to have open discussion about the impact of an East-West Corridor on our lives and communities from 6 to 9 p.m. July 14 at the Ridgeview Community School in Dexter.

Both proponents and opponents will be represented on a moderated panel, which also will include legislative candidates.

This time the forum will be open and balanced and will offer a chance for people to express concerns and to share ideas about alternatives. The event is sponsored by Dexter Dover Area Towns in Transition and will reveal some of the unspoken truths about the project.

There will be a pre-forum celebration of local vibrancy and the growing sustainable economies in the region from 3 to 6 p.m. Come for the food from local caterers, music and community.

Be advised: We will not be given an opportunity to vote on Peter Vigue’s proposal. It is, as he said, private. Maine’s government, in your name, however, has been involved in the process of clearing the way for this project for several years.

The time to find out about it is now, before the natural values of Maine — such as clean air, water, wildlife and quiet — are taken forever. There is no going back once the corridor is built.

Lesley Fernow


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