Sen. Roger Katz recently sent a communication to his constituents about the recent Legislature’s “significant legislative achievements” and his part in them.

Sure, they and he lowered tax rates, especially for the wealthiest Mainers like him, who got the lion’s share of the benefit. Their (and his) reform of the health insurance system included provisions that reduce low-cost medications for the elderly, flat-fund retiree’s health care insurance, and make access to needed health care more expensive or out of reach for less fortunate Mainers in rural areas. Katz has the gall to crow about a draconian reform of the welfare system, which assures that many more Maine citizens are without needed Medicaid support.

All he cares about seems to be that we are in the so-called “mainstream,” along with enlightened states such as Mississippi. It apparently never occurred to this entitled politician that the problem with Maine’s being No. 3 for Medicaid was one of deep poverty that needed to be addressed, and that a solution was not merely emulating other less caring states in a race to the bottom.

In Katz’s book, we cannot be all things to all people, just more generous with tax breaks to those who already have more in order to make them even richer. Maybe if we wait long enough, it will all trickle down to the rest of us.

Tim Bolton


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