According to the governor, it’s apparently OK to throw out the baby with the bathwater (“Toll hike can’t be avoided,” June 23).

The Maine Turnpike Authority needs to increase tolls because of the prior MTA director’s 23 years of sucking close to half a million toll dollars to use as his own piggy bank.

If a man commits murder, would you prosecute the mother for giving birth to this man?

Of course not.

The governor seems to think that Mainers are like sheep, the whole flock following the actions of the one in front. That’s true of sheep, but not for us bipeds.

I’ll drive Post Road for 100 miles before paying for Paul Violette’s crime. Gov. Paul LePage’s lunacy reminds me the farmer who owned a pig that had pulled the farmer’s family from a fire and saved their lives. When the reporter interviewed the farmer, he noticed that the pig had a wooden leg. Curious as to why, the farmer replied, “C’mon! A pig like this, you don’t eat all at once”!

Gary Levine


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