In the reporting on the June 25 public meeting on the proposed property tax increase included in the town of Winthrop’s municipal budget I was quoted, correctly, as stating that “a little give on the public employees side as well” may be called for in future years’ budget negotiations.

This comment was offered as an alternative in the context of a broader discussion of the potential need to reduce public safety staffing in future municipal budgets and after a town councilor noted that the expense for the benefits provided to town employees was “out of line.” The intent of my comment was to suggest ways to moderate future proposals to increase property tax increases without cutting services that have made the Town of Winthrop a desirable community in which to live.

Both the Winthrop Town Council and the Winthrop Board of Education have made commendable efforts to revise their budgets in response to the issues raised at public meetings without adversely affecting the quantity or quality of the community’s public services.

John Callinan


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