I consider verbal abuse to be disgusting, immoral and unethical. I believe verbal abuse has been normal practice in SAD 13’s board room and now in our public budget meetings. It’s time to put respect for other people back into public gatherings.

In my opinion, powers exercised within board room meetings have gone over the line. But, I said enough is enough when a teacher told me to “sit down and shut up,” in the June 6 joint budget meeting for SAD 13.

As a former board chairman, I find such abuse unacceptable and uncalled for. Such behavior needs to stop. I believe no reprimands, or punishments have ever been exercised to make individuals accountable for their actions.

There is no excuse for this kind of verbal abuse ever. Not to me, not to anyone, anywhere, anytime or for any reason.

In my opinion the entire board should be replaced and the waiver to protect nepotism should be revoked. Some members have family (either students or district employees). I don’t believe they can make totally impartial votes for education, fairly and squarely without showing partiality as to how it will affect family members.

In short, the votes of board members protects the incomes of family members associated with SAD 13. The private sector has no such mafia-like protection.

I believe board members know they can shut the public out without fear of reprisals. And that they have the power to do and say whatever they feel like. And outsiders are considered in violation of their powers and unwritten codes of indiscreet practices of verbal abuse, and election violations (such as I witnessed at another public budget meeting). We taxpayers are not second class citizens. They work for us, we do not work for them.

Reginald C. McCollor

Former SAD 13 Board Chairman


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